Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Busy with my scraps

I am not sure I knew exactly how many scraps I had when I started...but I know I won't run low, lol. I picked this top up at the flea marketp. I heart this quilt top. Very much a scrap quilt, no pattern, just strips. I would love to hand quilt this for me  soon.

Here are a few scraps and bigger pieces. I love the Southwest colors and patterns. I sorted the Christmas into one basket.
     Now the wool needs to be steam pressed and sorted. It's getting to hot to work with it now...  I might wait for fall or at least a cooler day. Did you know Kellie from Don't Look Now also has a mini quilt with pattern in Whip Up Mini Quilts? I am loving this book. Along with all the quilts and patterns, there is a mini bio on the artists along with thier blog perfect! This book is so awe inspiring. Back to my ironing and sorting.



  1. Fun post. I do love scraps.


  2. What a great top - not sure I'd hand quilt it though! That's a lot of seams. Glad you're enjoying the book, it's on my list - and my goodness you have a stash and a half!

  3. Scraps are fun to play with. My scrap basket is full right now but I have too many projects going to do anything with it.

  4. That is such a cool thing to find in a market! How come my markets never have things like that? I had a look at my scrap box today and had vague thoughts of organising it, then I thought better of it and went and had a cup of tea ;)

  5. Hi! Please sign me up for your great felted wool kit give away. I really like the chili peppers! I have tried wool before but am still wanting to try more! Lizzie