Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Penny Rug Tutorial

On to the pennies for a penny rug. I am not an expert nor do I profess to know everything about wool applique. The tutorial is for those of you that have avoided felted wool applique thinking it too hard or tedious. The opinions here are simply my perspective. (always find the laziest girl you know to find the easy way out, lol). I don't like tracing around round objects...always manage to get the lines off a bit. So I tried running a circular object on the ink pad and stamping on the wool. Huge disaster, ink runs with steam, a duhhhhhhh moment.

Hmm, how about stamping the object, stamping on the freezer paper dull side and ironing on to the wool.

OMG, it works! Ta dahhhhhh!!!
I started searching around the kitchen, bathroom and "junk" drawer and found lots of goodies. I used a shot glass, rocks glass, lid for a pill bottle, etc. I have been known to hit the thrift store for the "right" circular object. I use cookie cutters too. Just remember if you use those, turn them over and use the non-sharp side as it will give a better line to see.

The freezer paper also has advantages of being used more then a few times. I have also found that the circular object, when inked up, will stamp from 2-5 times between stamping. Very cool!

I Cut the circles out and staple them in place ready for embroidery. I hope this makes your life easier and encourages you to give felted wool applique a try. I enjoy it and welcome any and all questions.

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  1. I was wondering if we were going to stamp the wool? Glad I read this first I would have had a big ol' mess on my hands, ironing board and every where else!