Monday, May 31, 2010

Welcome Sister!

I have to drive into DFW in a few minutes, to get my sister, wahoo!  We both had the same daddy but different baby mamas, long story and nice and juicy too! This is our daddy and her mama.

We have 4 brothers. Georgie is the oldest, then 2 bros, theb me and then 2 more bros! We also had a sister, last one on the list, but she went to live with God in 1959.
Her mama and our daddy getting married. And this is my sister!

The best part of sister and I haven't met face to face...yet! Geez, I hope she likes me, lol! We are gonna try to stay out of prison for the next 10 days, but there is no guarantee! The poor girl, don't stand a chance with ME!!

Here is a pic of our daddy holding a baby, our grandpa and our great- grandpa. We don't know for sure who that baby is, but what an awesome pic!

Wish me luck in that traffic, later chicklets, Elaine


  1. She's gonna love you of course, I do so she will too. Have fun and enjoy your sister........

  2. This is so awesome!! Don't you worry she's going to just love every bit of you...and would be as excited to see you as you are to see her...enjoy!!

    This is one of those precious opportunities that Gods bless us with... savor every minute of it!



  3. How could she not love you? Any questions and tell her to contact me and I'l let her know how wonderful you are, and what a wonderful sister she has. You just grew up under different situations, but sisters are bound by love and have very special ties.

    Hugs. I do hope you and your sis have a great time. Keep me posted.


  4. Dear Elaine, Hop you two are having a complete ball! I am pretty sure the conversation won't lag....HoHoHo. We must compare families sometime. Have a wonderful visit with your "new" sister. Michele

  5. WOW how exciting that is going to be. have a great time with your sister!!!

  6. Well how could she not love you - I hope you have a FABULOUS time, let us know if you need bail money.