Thursday, October 29, 2009

A thrifty quilty quilt-a-long, join in!

I mentioned to a friend a few weeks ago that she should consider making a jean quilt for her 2 boys since she was lamenting the cost of everything these days. After reading another blog I discovered that a lot more people then I had realized were in the same boat, so to speak, of needing some thrifty presents for the holidays. I have made all the son in laws, bils, nephews and children, friends of...well, you get the point. No one has complained, they actually love them. I made a smaller version for the hubby to put in the back seat of his truck for his dogs. These quilts are easy care for, throw em in the wash and dryer. They actually get softer with each use.

The first thing to do, this week-end, is to collect jeans, wash and dry them. You will need @ 20 pair for a queen size quilt, or 12-14 pair for the couch cuddler size. It doesn't matter if they are frayed, paint splattered, greasy, or holey. If you have ocd, you need to put it on hold for this project!

Now, hit the yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. You will also need several long sleeve shirts, preferably flannel, to use for the backing of the quilt.  Pre wash the shirts, DON'T IRON THEM EVEN IF YOU FEEL YOU HAVE TO...remember the "leave your ocd at the door", it still applys.  Cut all the buttons off the shirts and start your own button jar! (You might also ask the clerk if they have any shirts or other fabric items they can't might get them free! Try not to pay over 50 cents a pair for the jeans...takes the thrift part out of the quilt. Call your sisters, aunts, neighbors...bug everyone you know for a pair or two...they will gladly get rid of them, hopefully!)

Stay tuned...Monday will be the next installment of the Christmas thrifty quilt-a-thon! Elaine


  1. I love denim quilts! I have a very old, faded, soft one from a thrift store. Don't know if I'll have time to start one myself, but I'm looking forward to watching!

  2. Yeah! I want to do this - I have looked at several online and even the videos on you tube. Do you HAVE to have the flannel shirts? can you have no backing? I will do my best to see what kind of flannel I can come across. I'm gussing it's to make it super soft on one side :) I'm excited to try to do this with you!. I hope!


  3. Cool idea little ones go through a bunch of jeans in NO TIME...they are 14 and 11...hummm I'm liking this idea more and more...


    Looking forward to what you come up with...



  4. Denim is so classic - go for it!!

  5. Wow, that is a pile of denim fabric. I have seen a few denim quilts made and I bet they will last forever.