Saturday, October 31, 2009

A peek at the blue jean quilt

Just in case you're wondering...what is that woman up it gonna be cute?....well, I am up for fun times making this quilt and of course, it's gonna be cute! Dog not includeded.

Did you notice her Christmas dress? She will wear it for weeks, knowing she is the bomb!

Quilt in picture is for dh back seat for his little princess, Ola Meja, his baby boy Poco and the new girl on the block....Zipper...dont' ask! As you can see, the "kids" love em, so do  our 2 legged ones, lol, they wash very well and last forever!

I had someone we have to use flannel shirts for the back? Nope, just trying to make it a penny pincher delight. You can also use a flannel sheet in good condition, or if you have a friend or relative who has flannel scraps, beg them off for this one. If you want to spend the $, you could always pick up 6 yards of flannel...can be pricey if you do this. The further along in the project you might find something perfect...don't get worried about it yet, take a breath, something will work out.

Let me know if you are going to follow, we'll get your names up on the side bar and have something fun going, k? Off to bed for me, rough nite and another 2 coming up. Full moon, Saturday nite, Halloween....oh please, let me work in the ER! Ha,ha,ha.....what WAS I thinking? Don't let me fool ya, I love it! See ya tomorrow...Elaine


  1. Can I use your picture of the quilt to post on my blog?

  2. wow, you have been very busy.
    I have made a rag quilt but not with jeans.
    Looks great.