Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fun things to do with blue jeans

My camera has dead batteries...omg, how did this happen? Oh right, I did it! Dh says I can use it tomorrow.

In the many things can you  do to a pair of jeans to extend their life...

Think about it, Elaine


  1. 1. Cut the legs off, sew up at the bottom - use the length of one leg to make a strap -instant handbag. (I still have that bag made from a favourite pair of jeans at age 13)
    2. Make a soft toy - mine was a mouse shape, with ears cut from a vinyl school pencil case. This mouse had magical properties and is still the only remedy when I have tummy cramps - to sleep on top of it.
    3. Cut and open up the legs to make cushions. I have one cushion with the pocket from the backside - holds bookmarks while reading a book.
    4. Use the soft thigh section of denim for applique.
    5. Use the lower leg section for patches.
    6. Use the lower leg section of corduroy jeans as a pre-made wheat bag. Use the tube section and just top and tail sew. (Kids jean size is best)

    Who said I was a cross-stitcher only???? lol

  2. Make a long skirt out of them. Not sure how but I have a skirt a friend made out a pair of my high water pants.