Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I survived Ikea.....wahooooooo!

Am I like the very last person on the planet to go to Ikea? Unreal, I tell ya. It rained all the way in to north Dallas and on the way home. Now they doing high water rescues in parts of Dallas, Fort Worth and nearby. The TV news just showed a UPS truck trapped...and the driver refused to leave his packages. I love UPS.

Anyhoodle...I bought $300.00+ storage units for my sewing room. I also bought a couple chunks of could anyone resist? I love that store, I want to go back tomorrow, lol. I should work there. I wonder if they hire nurses, lol?

So what do you think of the star quilt? I may need to buy the whole line, simply wonderful gorgeous stuff.

I have more units to pound together...I love the only, no words, perfect! I am so excited to FINALLY get some storage solutions for my fabrics. No, I haven't forgot my magazines either, just in the "thinking" stage, attempting to digest all the wonderful comments you all gave me. Stay tuned...Elaine


  1. We are definitely bff as I love Ikea! Here in Perth they do a great cooked breakfast for only $3.50. You need it to have the energy to shop! My #3 daughter and I went recently and we stayed not only for breakfast but for lunch as well! LOL
    Didn't buy much this trip - but certainly scouted! Have fun - it feels so good to get organised!
    PS I've had to move my various stacks of magazines into the spare bedroom, although DH hasn't noticed the stack I left on the coffee table yet...

  2. No you're not the last person, I am because I've never been. We do have one about a half hour away. I just know it would be dangerous to go.

  3. Welcome to the Ikea world!!
    They are also my favorite! My DH gets nervous when I say I am going to Ikea...he reminds me that we have no more space ( a girl can always find space for something from Ikea :-)
    Did you see the cool cutting table I made from Ikea cupboards (check my blog under "sewing studio")
    Looking forward to seeing what you build!

  4. We got an IKEA store in our area and we went way back in the spring. Pretty neat too.
    Have fun with your units and getting organized.