Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pics of my giveaway items

I went out to that big store...oh, you know which one, lol...and purchased the wrist splint and feel like I have a new life! Wow, what can I say? It works, and thank you bloggy friends for the little push.

I tried to take pics of the giveaway goodies but I am not to be admired for my photo abilities. Check out the lucious pumpkin orange bella solid...according to one of my brick and mortar, "it's Bevo orange", hmm, ok. Bevo is the name of the longhorn associated with the Texas A&M University mascot. If you never hear from me's because I blew that one! The chocolate is on the yard of each. The pattern is by SuzGuz designs and is fabulistic...I LOVE her patterns! Below is #35 wt Valdani hand dyed cotton for either machine or hand sewing, embroidery, tatting, serger, or longarm. To the right of the pattern is a box of 3 ply embroidery cottons, overdyed in the most gorgeous tints and colors, all ready for your next project. This too is  from Keep those comments coming while I search for those elusive double issues of my quilt mags, lol. Like anyone would ever want them!

I wanted to put up pics of my granddaughters baby quilts. I have had so much fun making them. This one is for Allie, she is coming the end of January.  I'll show the back tomorrow. Later, Elaine


  1. Love the colours on the quilt Elaine and glad that your wrist is on the mend. Love the colours on those threads, mmmmm, mmmmm,
    Have a good weekend,

  2. Hi Elaine... I already know how beautiful those threads are... so here I am...already crossing my fingers LOL... Thanks for the chance to win...

    Glad you are feeling better, hugs and God Bless,


  3. Hi Elaine...glad to hear your wrist is getting better. I love those threads and they are so nice for machine quilting. The pattern is great and I love fast pieced quilts.. .I am crossing my fingers too. Your quilt is lovely too!

  4. Well, Bevo is the name of the UT mascot --not to be confused with the Aggies. I certainly don't take offense, but I hope you don't have a lot of UT fans that read this blog!! Beautiful colors and patterns for your giveaway!!

  5. Love Allie's quilt. I've got another grandbaby due in the spring and need to make both boy and girl quilts to have my bases covered. Railfence is so quick and easy yet looks great with the right fabs.

  6. Luscious threads and fabrics and pattern!! What a give away.
    That baby quilt is so cute = I may have to do one like it.

  7. Hi Elaine, thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway...exciting that we Bee Balm'ers have 2 going on right now!
    Thanks for the chance to win yours!

  8. Just finished catching up on all your posts.
    Glad to hear your wrist is better. Oh those threads are so pretty. Congrats to the winner. Love those little quilts.