Thursday, October 15, 2009

The giveaway continues...and more pics

These are the two baby quilts, side by side. They are very unlike each other...really. The one with straight line quilting, in white thread, is for Allie, the wavy line quilting in Valdani (lucious overdyed) thread is for Kayla. If you zoom in you can see the quilting much better. I had to show little slices of the lawn...this is what 4 1/2" of rain does to a burned out lawn, lol. Get out the boat, matey!

This is the backs of the quilts. I took hints from several online quilters for these two. The backs are pillow cases and leftover pieces, loving this look! It's going to be hard to get these babies off in the mail, I love em both! Oh well, better get busy on another.

All that is left is to sign and date them. I'm kind of like Millie, the ones I have just finished are usually my favorites. Thanks for all your comments, still a few days to go for the giveaway...don't forget to blog about it and let me know you did.


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  1. Elaine, these are great. And like you said the ones we just finished is our favorite quilt...but they are both gorgeous!