Monday, October 19, 2009

Giveaway winner

...and the winner is:

               ARLETTE from Costa Rica! Congrats Arlette, I hope you like your prize!

Thanks everyone for entering and for the wonderful ideas you all gave me. I tried to respond to all the comments. If I missed you, it was not on purpose.

My forearm/wrist is feeling much better, thanks to your ideas on that issue.

My Moda rep was by today and showed me what is prepared for some delicious inspiration. There is a pre-Civil war quilt that is remade and will be coming in a kit. I'll try to upload a pic of it later tonight. You will be able to pre-order won't believe the cheddars in it! Gorgeous quilt.

Off to make dinner then some sewing is in order. Now, go quilt something, Elaine


  1. Oh myyyyyy!!!!! I can't believe I wooooooooon!!!!, thank youuuuuuuuu Elaine for hosting the giveaway!!!!!!, doing the happy dance now, yipeeee, yipeeee!!!!