Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer is dragging on

So I haven't found out if my sister, the fantabulous Georgie, has made any of the disappearing 4 patches yet. I hope so, these are fun. No sewing for me today,
the earth family came for an inservice in downsizing. Yep, we

                                          downsized 8 lovely roosters to the freezer, via the chopping block. I fixed breakfast burritos for breakfast and told earthmama we would have a sort of  vegan lunch since this may not be an appetite pleasing day. My sweet little city kinda girl said she was kinda hoping for chicken! Ya gotta love the attitude.  So we roasted a bird....oh my sweet loving God, but it is so darn good that way! It was a different way for me to cook it. I saw a pic on someones blog and had to try it. I highly recommend it. I had my son cut the chicken  open from the bottom of the breast all the way to the neck. Then he opened the bird, and pushed it down until it was nearly flat, that's the different part for me. I then shook  coarse ground salt and pepper all over both sides and then rubbed it all over with olive oil and roasted on a rack @ 375 degrees until the wing popped free with minimal pressure. Unreal flavor. I would not have put the evoo first, just in case you're wondering if I didn't type that correct. I didn't want a ton of salt, so I did it my way. It was perfect. Very moist and tender, loved it, so did the kids. Big Daddy said he didn't east rooster....wht? Earthmama said it tastes like chicken...I love that girl! I also chose not to post pics of the "ordeal",  don't want to scare the kids.
Have a great Sunday, I have sewing to do, Elaine
I also found that I can get 2, not one but 2 jelly rolls in a flat rate envelope. I am very excited about this. And you should be too, wahoo! I have several jelly rolls in my etsy shop, so if you want 2, one seriously cheap shipping price for you!! I can also get up to 8 yards of fabric, of most fabrics, in one envelope! Pop over, I am adding new stuff every few days. If you want more then 1 item, convo me so I can find the cheapest shipping price for you.


  1. Made my mouth water to read your posting!! Yummy !! Cheers, Joanne @ lavenderfieldsetc

  2. mmmmmm. roasted chook! yummo.... Hugz

  3. Oh that chicken sounds SO yummy!!!!! We need smell-o-vision on our computers. And taste-o-vision too. MMMMMMMM. Look at that darling little baby....oh just want to smooch those precious cheeks!

  4. Downsizing! Love the term! We just downsized by a dozen roosters this weekend too. Taaaasty.