Friday, August 13, 2010

Thanks fellow bloggers

Wow, have I really ignored the pc for 11 days...yep, all except my email and my etsy shop. I wanted to let you ladies all know that I truly appreciated all of your kind words and virtual hugs. So, we all love our furry babies don't we? And then I think, no, never again, no more animals! Then my burro starts paging me when I go out to the pasture in the mornings, and makes me laugh so hard!
 And the neighbor cats have grown in numbers...and they stop by a few times a day for the buffet. I have to watch them eat...if I don't, the banties hear the kitties and try to join them at the buffet table.
                                                                                     Monday, my little Carmel, the bantie with the feathers on her feet...was killed by a dog, a black dog, perhaps a rottie? So, after my total meltdown, she was buried next to my baby. I seriously had a complete meltdown...SOMEONE in the same house is still a little nervous around me, bummer.
Poor little Carmel, yeah, I loved that fat little hen! I did snatch the cat food away from the chooks!
So, the bottom line, for me anyway...I wouldn't give up the companionship or that warm fuzzy feeling I get from any of my animals! They add so much to my life. You can't buy that. Thank you again, for your caring hearts~~~big hugs to you from me~~~Elaine


  1. Hola, Elaine! No se preocupe, lo bueno es que Ud. se sienta mejor. Un día a la vez! Ya todo se encauzará! Un abrazo!

  2. Hello Elaine...... good to hear from you.... time really does help but just let yourself heal and we will be here whenever you are ready.... hugz

  3. So nice to hear from you again Elaine. Big Hugz and be good to yourself.

  4. Welcome back, Elaine. I missed you, and thought about you a lot. Michele