Monday, November 2, 2009

Week 2~~~Cutting the jeans

Now that you have collected, borrowed or stolen the's time to start cutting, wahoo! See these handy, dandy clippers....Lowes or the big orange box, @ $10, get a few pairs, trust me, the teenagers helping you will appreciate them. So you can start cutting at the front top of the jeans, right along the seam line for the zipper...blow the pic up, you should be able to see it.

Continue cutting next to the seam, through the leg seams, up the back and straight thru the waist band.

Easy, peasy so far....right? If you are a mom of a kid who likes to wear name brand jeans and they are big, take care when you cut them up. You will want to incorporate the fun design elements of the the leather name tags, cutsey pockets, logo stitckers, etc. You may end up sacrificing some of the usable denim for the cool logos, you won't be sorry.
I like to leave the waist band on, sometimes using it in the blocks.  Cut up all the jeans until you have a pile ready for block cutting. Great job for the TV or that chat on the phone. Remember, if the jeans have frayed knees, paint spills or unknown spots, ignore them. Don't let that little voice take over....embrace the process!


Send me pics of your jean piles, I want to see them.

Till tomorrow, have fun with your jeans!

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  1. It's quite possible that I'll be able to catch up with this project. Last night Hubby mentioned his secret stash of jeans - most of which he knows he'll never fit back into - and of course, they are the wrong style for either son - all I have to do now is convince him to loose his old 'dinosaur shirts' I've got a couple of scraps of flannellete to throw in the mix - baby bunny
    The odd thing is that Hubby actually has thought that this could be a quilt worth stitching!! Lead on McDuff !!!