Thursday, November 5, 2009

Please pray for our soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas

My heart, along with millions of others, is broken with the tradgedy that unfolded today.  Pray for our troops. May God bless them and you, Elaine


  1. never think in a million years that you'll come under attack from one of your own...

  2. Oooh Elaine...I heard the news...after I had talked to you this morning...then I knew what you were talking about. My eldest is in the military and went over to Iraq last year. It's hard going on them and the family left behind. How sad for this man and what a waste of valuable lives... Regards.. Gloria

  3. Hi husband was military for 23+ years before retiring. He served many deployments in Kuwaitt, Saudi and Iraq. The fear a spouse must endure during these deployments....and then to think that here on our own land something like this! It is a shame and my hearts just ache for the whole military community!