Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blue jeans and maaaavaaluuus stuff

In attempting to minimize costs this Christmas, I, like lots of you, have decided to make lots of my gifts. My son always brings me his blue jeans he no longer wears.  I think his expecting wife NEEDS a new apron for the grill. A fun project inspired by this lady and her project.

Ok, back to the jean quilt. Did you get all of your jeans whacked up yet?  Mine usually look like this when I am done and before I cut the squares,

just right for next step.

Are you ready? You will need a 6 1/2" square ruler or a 6 1/2"x24" ruler. And since we are trying to cut costs as much as possible...if you don't have one of these rulers you can use the plastic side of a milk carton, laundry detergent bottle, plastic insert for bacon...you get the idea. Use a ruler, mark off 6 1/2" and cut out. 

I like to start at any corner, use a pen on the wrong side of the jeans and start marking off the squares. If you have a large rotary mat, ruler and cutter, you can cut the jeans into strips and then into the squares, like this:

You will need 120 squares for a couch cuddler, @ 50"x60" finished, or 10 squares wide by 12 squares long.  Any questions so far.....?

Oops, nearly forgot to include the jeans marked off with the individual square. The really cool thing about this method is that you can turn your little square anyway you want, not to worry much about the bias "thing", it doesn't stretch easily, wahoo! Blow the pic up so you can see it better. Later, moi

The spot on the jeans, near the bottom of the pic is dog slobber! It dries out, lol.

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