Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Onward with the blue jeans quilt

Sorry, babies sidetrack me to the point of stupid! So anyway, how is everyone doing on the jeans+batting+backing? get your 120 squares and get ready for the big adventure, or as I like to call it, I am not ripping any seams out here missy!

Take 2 squares, flannel sides facing, as in pic above, and sew along 1 side. Continue sewing 2 squares together until all 120 are sewn, using @ 1/2" inch seam. Be careful as you sew, take note if any seam includes a metal button to avoid!

Now, take a two pack, match up with another 2 pack, flannels facing (see the seam lines in this pic?) and sew these together. Move the seams with your fingers as you sew, otherwise you might have to sew over a 1" hump! This is the wierd your quilt will look hopeless and weird, don't dispair, it will turn out very cute, trust me!

Keep adding 2 packs until you have 10 rows of 12 squares each. It (the quilt) is going to get very heavy, put the ironing board (stop laughing, you know you have one SOMEWHERE, or your mom does, lol) in front of your machine to help hold the quilt up  while sewing on it. Once you have the top all sewn up, topstitch around the entire edge, all four sides, @ 1/2" in.

Have fun finishing the sewing of your top, just 1 more step. So, while you are sewing, start thinking about reasons you NEED the hubs or teen to "assist" you with the next step, you really need to trust me on this one!

Don't forget to
pick up a pair of these babies, not the jeans silly, the clippers. We talked about these earlier, remember, Lowes or Home Depot, used to be @ 6-10 bucks a pair, depends on your part of the country. They are made by Fiskars...notice the trend here? I love power tools as well! Get 2 pairs, refer to prior paragraph. Just tell them they surely don't know how to for me!

Get sewing, later...

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