Thursday, November 12, 2009

Do you have all your flannels done yet?

I was lucky enough to find a HUGE chunk of pink felt when I was ready to sew these squares up. This is the difficult part for the ocd people out there...thank God for them when you're doing regular quilting! Remember, the denim and flannel are both 6 1/2" square, but the filler needs to be smaller. I cut the felt up 3-4" square. No math, no headache inspiring measurements here....wing it! Same goes for the batting, if that is what you're using. And, yes, you can mix it up, little of this or  that! Get creative, use your imagination here. I usually take the narrow weird little strips of batting left over from my regular quilts and save in a bag until it overfills....that is usually enough for a couch cuddler.

Place your stacks together....and take an empty slick glass or bottle

or a coke, lol, unopened! Place it down on top of the stack of flannels or denim and twist the bottle to the right, while holding the stack still on the bottom. Continue in this manner

until the stack begins to fan a stack of cocktail napkins at a bar...don't ask! No, I don't know as a customer either! It makes it easier to pick up the squares!

Now on to layering: take a denim square, right side down, add the filler square and top off with your flannel square right side up.

I love to chain stitch mostly all my quilt pieces, this is no exception. Take the squares and feed one at a time through your machine, like this (from 1 corner to the next):

in a half X, don't cut the thread,  continue on. Don't worry to much about the batting shifting, just hold in place with your fingers while sewing. When you are finished with this, turn the squares to the next side and finish the X sewing again from one corner to the next.

Now stack 'em up and get ready for the next installment of Christmas on a budget.....


  1. Do you think we have to put batting/felt in between the jean and flannel? It will be heavy already to keep you warm. Just curious!