Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New quilt, back to work and a wonderful surprise from my fabulous husband~~~!!

Oh dear, what was I thinking...yep, I am now gainfully employed, waaaahhhh!! I secretly miss working with patients. My friend, who works at the hospital where I left @ a year ago, keeps telling me some of my favorites keep asking for me. That is sweet. I like knowing that I have made differences in some lives...I am just not sure about followers, lol.

I have been working on my 9 patch block a day that is going on over at crazymomquilts.blogspot. I have also been trying out a new pattern that has been rattling around in my head for about a week. I want to see if it's feasible before I reveal it!

We have a fairly spread out home...and 5 fun filled doggies. The said doggies appear to have been out in the humid hot weather enough to have picked up a flea or two. omg, what a nightmare. We went thru this @ 3-4 years ago and used a ton of chemicals, washed, vacuumed, boiled and darn near poisoned the poor dogs to rid our little family of these pests.

Now, keep in mind my husband is not a typical green works person. So you can only imagine my surprise and total elation to find he had not only found but printed out

natural rememdies for ridding fleas from dogs but from other areas in the home! I am very pleased with his finding these recipes.

The spray for the dogs is very simple. Cut a lemon up, place in a pint jar, cover with boiling water and let steep overnight, pour into spray bottle and spray your dog avoiding his eyes, face and "tender" areas.

I hate chemicals. We are trying this, will have an update in a few days with the results. We are also trying other things on the list. I am not sure what is going on with my pc but when I "insert" names, blogs, or other stuff into blogger, it refuses to show up on my post, I don't get it!

Here is the website for natural dog vs flea remedies:

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