Friday, May 22, 2009

Flea spray recipe...kinda!

I am loving this going green type of thing and have involved the dh and doggies too. The whole house smells like what I might assume a lemon orchard smell like, lol.

So the recipe...

Lemons and water.

Thats it. The original recipe calls for a lemon quartered into a pint jar, cover with boiling water and allow it to steep for 24 hours, pour the liquid off into a spray bottle. Well I have 5 dogs and 2 extras for the weekend. The kids are camping this weekend and left their 2 kids with us, so now it's 7 funfilled dogs. A pint jar? Someone was wishful thinking on this one! I used a gallon jar, cut 4-5 lemons up into six pieces, covered with boiling water, set the lid on and waited 24 hours. The lemons turned into a strange gelatinous muck that my goats wouldn't even eat, go figure. I strained the liquid with a strainer and paper towel and that was it.

Looks like dh was busy as I see he has found some other goodies like garlic capsules, borax for the yard, etc. If you want to do some surfing check out: how to rid fleas from carpet and furniture or try Garlic Valley Farms for more info on fleas. Cool stuff out there.

Dh said he just started googling, found more info then I wanted to know, lol! Gotta run, work awaits my body, go quilt something...Elaine
Let me know if you guys try the lemon thing. Oh, and the pic is a baby pic of my grand dogs staying this week end! You know grandmas and their pics, lol.

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