Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun and Games on Etsy today...NOT!!!

I checked out my usual blogs this morning, drooling over the fabrics, staring at awe inspiring quilts, jotting notes on others on living frugal, laughing at others because they can make me blow bubbles with my nostrils into my coffee...oh, don't tell me you have NEVER laughed that hard before! Then I decided to upload pics to my etsy store and that is when my meltdown began....

...do you have dial up? Do you have an etsy store? Do you have to drive more then 25 miles to the next county to buy wine?

Dial up sucks. We only live 6 miles from one town, in the country, and 8 miles from another. Both towns have high speed. We live 3.1 miles from the interstate and 4.7 miles from the interstate rest area with~~~guess what~~~high speed wireless is AVAILABLE! Oh, and the very bestest funnest thing ever...we also live 1 city block, I swear, from the verizon, yep I did say VERIZON



substation, relay station, whatever, it has an anteanna...but we have no high speed. I get met with...."Oh, I am sorry, it is not available in your area yet", "no, I sure don't know when it is coming". So, sign up for Hughes...sure, no problem. The thing that troubles me is you pay a little extra for for each level of higher speed. Did I miss something here? I mean...a company can regulate speed of high speed? For real? Am I just 2 bricks short of a full load? I had assumed high speed is what, high speed.

I guess I need to perhaps take a class in computer high speed and why you should be thrilled to death to spend a mega amount of money on phones, computers, answering contraptions, and other stupid "things" I could really do without.

What do the rest of you do for online services?? Now, where is that corkscrew, lol!

I forgot to mention the reason behind my tirade today is because it took me 334 minutes to post 7 items with pictures...umm, that would be @ 5 and one half hours to upload pics and post to etsy....ugh!!

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  1. Wow, do you know how much better I feel now, to know that you have the same problems in 'rural' America as we have in 'rural' Australia. Even the excuses are the same, lol. We finally have ADSL Broadband and no longer have to deal with dial up, it only took 5 years so keep smiling and dialing (sorry).
    Hugs lizzie