Friday, May 15, 2009

My little hexies!

Thanks to Lucy, at the attic24, I dug thru my crochet hooks and found what I hope is the correct size hook. Wouldn't it be nice if crochet hooks were universal? I finally found a G and dug out my cotton yarns. I know I am doing this all wrong. My yarn choice is the same yarns I knit dishcloths from, but I am liking the way the little hexies are turning out. The fun upside is that I have bunches of varigated yarns and plan on using those too.

Yes I am also working on my WIPS and UFO'S and crazymoms block a day and repairing some of my vintage quilts and applique.....oh, nearly forgot, and am going back to work next week, lol.

Here are my hexies so far. Now, if you want to see very pretty hexies, go see attic24 or Stinas. I like mine to, although it may take a long time to finish. I hope to keep this blankie...go quilt something, (or hook) Elaine


  1. Hi there... love your hexies.. and Im so happy to have inspired to something.. and they are fun to make..isnt them.....:o))))))
    Good luck...

  2. Those hexies are great. Do you have a pattern?
    Warm wishes,

  3. I am digging the hexies. I love your blog. You are so funny and talented to boot!!