Friday, May 22, 2009

Lemon Tea spray results for dog fleas

Very strange indeed, results are in on the lemon tea spray for doggies.

It works.

The spousal unit and the dogs are thrilled to death. The sweet son of ours dropped by last nite with his two dogs~~~~omg, now we will have 7 dogs in the house~~~was not thrilled to hear of our dogs being the social dance sit outs but left his darlings anyway. (ahhh, is this how my grandma felt about me being dropped off at her house!). So Big Daddy, aka: spousal unit, dh, etc., and son sprayed the dogs, every last little sucker, and found the fleas slowed down to zero, nearly packed their own bags to move out. Way cool stuff. BD is going to hit the net today to find a natural cure for the damn things hiding in the grass. Can't wait for that one.
Have a great day and go quilt something, Elaine


  1. Wanna post your "recipe"?

  2. a natural treatment for your yard is nematodes. they're a bacteria....i think. Someone correct me. Anyway they come in a powder that you sprinkle then water in to your yard. they eat flea larvae and eggs. Haven't tried it myself. Try: Gardener's Supply Co in Vermont.

  3. Hey Ann, thanks, I will check it out. Dh bought a giant bottle of something to spray on the yard. Have a great one...Elaine