Monday, February 23, 2009

Waiting on a man~~~

My husband asked if I wanted to go with him to a gun show. I took a handful of piecing and embroidery projects to work on. I would just as soon sit in the truck and let my husband take his time, not have to answer my goofy questions and wander at his leisure. We actually do this for each other...he sits in the truck while I wander the aisles at my favorite thrift stores.

After he was done we hit our favorite antique shop...if you ever get to Terrell, Texas and you have the time...and you love shabby chic, this is the place to visit. I didn't remember my camera...ughhhh!!!...but next time I won't. I believe it's 2 ladies and they specialize in shabby chic, 30's French apartment, linens, architectural elements from old buildings and just fun stuff. I have to go back very soon and take my camera. I told the lady I wanted to work there. She has a blog at but no pics as of this am, bummer. I guess I will have to try some next week..hopefully.

We had a great weekend together, polished off the day with bar-b-que from our favorite restaurant in Canton.

I better get my shop ready for First Monday. Wahoo. Have a great week, Elaine

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