Monday, February 16, 2009

Gardening, grandmas and quilts.

I was born and raised in the NW part of Washington state. Summer MIGHT arrive in June. Spring was usually preceded with April rain...the whole month. We were hating winter so after my husband retired from his job he told me to do as I wished about living where I wanted. Hello...Southwest USA, here we come!

We have lived here and loved the weather since 2000. I finally have a great spot for a garden. Last year my dh rototilled it under once and nothing grew, except the pasture grass. I visited with lots of farmers from my area and gleaned tons of info about gardening in East Texas. So now I am out and busting the sod with a shovel...turning over the shovel length of sod, letting the soil dry and reclaiming it for the garden. The horses, burro and goats are helping me out by snacking on the dried roots. Dh thinks I am nuts, my son didn't think I could (after all mom, you aren't exactly a spring chicken) so with those motivating factors I did and am loving it. I have lots of time to think and be one with the dirt. I wonder if this is the way the pioneer ladies did it? I wonder, did their husbands help them with their gardens or was it perceived to be womens and childrens work? I wonder about my grandmothers. I wish I could go back and ask them if they were responsible for things like that. I remember my one little grandma raising, killing, plucking, cutting and freezing chickens. Just one of her chores. Oh my God, she was so awesome. That woman was my biggest hero. My brothers and I used to spend lots of summers at her farm. It was so great for us growing up. Sunshine, no TV, dawn to dusk playing outdoors. We had our room with really thick utility quilts on the beds. They were twin size and were tied. The patchwork varied in sizes and contained denim, chambray and wool. That is about all I remember about them. I have no idea who made them or even when they came to be. All I know is whenever I see a utility quilt I have to at least touch it and smile.

The sun is out and the dirt is calling. I need to set my heirloom tomatoes, peppers, cantalopes and flowers in the sun and go dig some sod!

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  1. I wanted to stop by and thank you for adding yourself to my followers list! If you have read my blog you certainly know that I visit Canton every month or so for the flea market! I always see the quilts hanging out at the Antique shop on HWY 19 just before North Gate!! Do you ever buy from there? I was thinking of starting a veggie garden myself this year....I may be asking for some tips if I actually do it! ~Cheryl