Thursday, February 19, 2009

Looking for this southern belle quilt pattern

I had to get out of the house. Ever have one of those days? I was vegetating and becoming sedentary and slovenly. So I forced myself to dress up a bit and call on an old friend...someone I hadn't seen in a few years.

I called on a sweet lady that creates some of the most awesome quilts, table linens and embroidery. It is one of those ladies you wished you had had as a grandmother or aunt. This lady is so talented and well versed in the needle arts. I wish I had half of her talent. As we were talking I asked her what she was working on and she showed me a gorgeous black and white, just beautiful. She only hand quilts and "doesn't mess with table or wall quilts" as she explained but makes bed quilts to pass on to her children, gchildren, and ggchildren. She gave me show and tell of some awesome quilts: embroidery, applique and pieced. I love her quilts!

She asked me if I had a pattern for this quilt or where she could find it. It appears to be like a southern belle pattern with a hankie for her skirt (perhaps not sewn down?) and hankie corners appliqued on the borders. I have worn myself crazy trying to find it on google and tons of sites. Does anyone have this pattern? Does anyone know where I can buy it? She has her heart set on doing this pattern. I am not sure where she even got this page from. Any help would be appreciated.

I have a ton of patterns in my personal stash...or should I say my over expanded sewing room...if anyone is in need of one. I might also add that I am looking for the pattern friendship dahlia or baby dahlia. Thanks tons!

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