Friday, February 27, 2009

Which quilt do I chose...and long stitch is me...!

A very good friend of mine from Minnesota is here for the week selling vintage items at the flea market. She loves our weather~~~84 wahooooooo~~and asked me to cut a kit for her daughter. I had only had it done in flannels and like to include a pic of the finished quilt with the kit. She wanted it done in a mostly blue colorway. I made the top in the colors she chose and placed some more blues in the "other" colors. Now I just can't make up my mind which I like better. I decided since I was fooling around I had better get going on my Christmas quilts and am busy sewing one for one of my kids' presents. Little buggers might read this so I won't tell! She doesn't want flannel but the other 2 do, go figure! I made a chocolate and cherries for my little neighbor girl. I am planning on big stitches with overdyed Valdani threads, yummy! Let me know what ya'll think of the 2 blues and/or chocolate. Have a great weekend...Elaine

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  1. Well I think I like the 2nd blue and the brown one best but all of them are cute.