Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is to good to pass up

Most of you already know that I have my own brick and mortar quilt shop and also on etsy..see side bar for the link.

But, Lord help me, I love fabric! I purposely cut multiple yards, of my "stash", into strips of varying sizes. Why, you ask? Because then I could justify buying more fabric because my "stash" was dwindling, lol! I know, it's a brilliant move. You may take my idea and run with it. I don't imagine it's a new thought..but, it was for me!~

Anyhoo, as I am a big procrastinator, stop laughing, I started the game yesterday. I have to visit @ least 140 shops to qualify for the prize...a go cutter...what? Cruising thru the shops is fun, addictive and can cost a bunch of money...yep. One of my favorite online shops The Tropical Quilter and found out today that they are retiring! That's the bad news. The good news is all the fabric is 50% off., if you living and breathing and have a few extra bucks...well, you know. Just a public service announcement for ya'll!


  1. Sheesh, good luck with hitting all those shops - hope your wallet survives, lol!

  2. You old enabler, you! I love doing the shophop it is fun. Unless that rabbit is hidden too well. I have GOAT ready to send to DeeDee will post some photos today.