Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm baaaaccckk!!

We had some rough weather this past weekend and a tower, carrying our internet feed, fried. So I have been without internet and/or email since Saturday.....yes, I have had withdrawals! I slept like a rock the past few nights but the hubs told me the winds were horrid day before yesterday. My attack roosters...the rabid bantams...are missing a fat little black hen. I don't know if the winds carried her off or what.

The windy drama aside, I am anxious to get going on the goat-capades. Sue, from Australia, has a traveling goat-a-long! Go check it out, very cute. My friend, Debbie, asked for some guidelines for doing the goat-a-long here, so I thought I would answer her questions.

Let's make it fun, no pressures, no expectations, just fun, ok? We will need at least 4 people to participate.                                                                  

Each person cuts out a goat from wool or felt, and puts their name and address on the back. That way, when the goat is finished, it knows where to go to reach home!

Send your goat to the first person, and they get to do something fun with it. I sent mine to Debbie who gets to decide how to use it. By this I mean, choose a background of wool, felt, flannel, cotton, etc. Make a penny rug, tea cozy, wall hanging, etc. Or make it into a Christmas ornament. The first  person is the one to make the decision on how the goat is placed.

The second person adds embellishment, embroidery, buttons, beads, etc. Then off to the next in line.

The third person adds more embellishments and off to the fourth person.

When the last person in line gets the goat, finish it off and send it back to it's mama. You can blog on his adventures, like Sue has done on her blog. Check it out, very cool!

I'll put a blog roster up on my sidebar, of people who are participating, ok? So far, we have 2. Come on, what's it gonna hurt to get silly for a day/? Come and join in with us...


  1. I am so pleased I passed my goat onto Sue. Love the green background and her pink boob and flower Sue has added. Wonder what Lizzie will do with my goat??? I am sure she will take good care of her.

  2. Okay I'm game(y)(like a goat - just kidding :) What do I do next?

  3. Let me know what to do it will be fun .I will not let it get my goat.HA HA Come visit and see some of my handwork Love to work with wool. Laura Q

  4. me, me, me, me - where is me on the list????

  5. I am in you have a pattern for the goat?

  6. How many goat sisters can you do, if there's not too many count me in..

  7. Not joining in on the goats but it'll be fun to watch! Boy, I just don't join anything, do I? LOL! I hope you find your poor hen, I can well understand those winds blowing her away - they're horrid here too. Glad you're back!

  8. Now I understand, what you tried to say to me....I got it girlie.