Friday, October 22, 2010

Something a bit different

I'm still looking at my wall hanging and thinking on it. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Debbie made the cutest little silver tray mat, check it out! I have been having a blast playing around in my sewing room, arranging my things...ok, fine, trying to trudge thru my mess, is more like it! I put my sewing machine back in there, out of the living room and peeking at my little mat...real soon...., real soon.

Debbie, Fiona , Kim and I are encouraging each other to work on our projects. I think it's so interesting that we have all met and are interested in the same thing. Debbie said that she enjoys the primitiveness of them. I guess I always thought of them as being American Folk Art. I wonder, Fiona, what do you liken them to? Debbie is awaiting a new project and I hope she likes this one!

So here's the deal Debbie: I am going to suggest a goat, because I love goats. Now, you Debbie, yes you, get to do something with it. Then after getting extremely creative and can pass on the  next step to whomever wants to join along.

It does look a bit like an inebriated Kangaroo, eh? Well, just pretend it's really a goat. So, what do you think? Maybe you want the goat to pull a cart, or stand in  a flower patch? Or maybe be in the middle of pumpkins?  After you decide on one element, then you get to pass the torch to someone else. Then they get to add their element to it. Kind of a round robin of sorts. Are you interested?  If you want to join in, send a comment. Oh, and feel free to copy the goat. Who's next?                                                                                       


  1. Too Fun!!! This looks great! But I must say it looks a bit of a rabbit to me. Okay, now I need a few more instructions here.

    Is this little goat coming to visit me, I will add a little sumpin sumpin to him and send him on the next embellisher?

    I am really hoping he is coming to visit me and I will send him on his merry way to the next home he will visit. I already have some ideas brewing in my little mind.

    Where will he end up? Does he get to choose?
    Or, will we draw a name from all his embellishers?

  2. Hmm, I think that's a splendid idea! I will send him off to you tomorrow, super great thought!

    I think he should choose who he visits, could get interesting, eh? Email me your address again and I'll get him off to you.

    I'm hoping other likeminded people would like to join in. Are you going to name him? Cheers to you girl, Elaine

  3. Yep I think he looks like a rabbit too. Have fun with him girls!!

  4. Can I play too. This sounds like fun. Maybe we could each start one and then it could go to everyone and then return to its "mommy" for safe keeping. Just a thought.