Monday, October 18, 2010

French knots are so much fun!

I used Valdani overdyed threads, perle cotton #8, and stitched a few French knots on my stitchery. I didn't want to overdo it, so stopped with a small grouping. Then I went a little different, shall we say, on some "x's" and blanket stitches. When I removed the staples, some of the wool was kind of mooshed down, so I ran my fingernail over it to make it stand up.

I think I am going to put it up on my wall for a few days and just look at it. There is more to do but now I just want to think on it and see how crazy I can get! Have you ladies been stitching? Fiona is doing so well on hers, here is a little peek, isn't she doing great?

Anyone else have a pic to share or at least one I can steal from your blog...not really, just checking to see if you're really reading it! I'm going to go hang up my piece and stare at it. Maybe some cheap red wine would help my perspective...later~~               

I nearly forgot to mention my deal of the month...yard sales are fun, but a yard sale 2,400 miles long?
So we only made 3 stops. The first one, I picked up a goat cart

                                                                               It has some slats replaced with new wood and the hubs had to do some repairs on it, but hey, I love is now home in my livingroom, screaming for a teddy bear. $10.

                                                                                                          The next goody is a 12 block sunbonnet sue quilt. The lady said it was very dirty, from hanging in her living room for years, in a hanger in a corner. I also found out that the quilt was made here, in Van Zandt county Texas several years ago. I hung it on my clothesline for a pic and also snapped the back. Did you ever wonder what would happen, if you didn't quilt 4-6 inches apart?

                                        This is the cotton batting shifted. No holes or tears in this quilt. I want to take it apart, remove the cotton clots and re-do it. On my bucket list. $5.00, if I promised to give it a good home, yep, I will.

                                                                            A celery Singer Featherweight, from @1963-64. The belt was missing, but the nice man popped a wide rubber band on. OMG IT WORKED! The machine did too. We also discovered that the motor housing has a crack in it. But, the baby works. Hubs has self taught himself to FW CPR and has her cleaned, oiled and has discovered that he doesn't think she was ever used! Seriously, took her all apart and she is clean as a whistle. Runs like a 14 year old track star! I am not sure what to do with her yet. She is soooooo sweet.

That's it for my yard sale finds. Anyone else hit it luckier then most this past weekend?      


  1. Take care with that cheap red wine!! MMmmm - I like the idea of some french knots.....

  2. The Valdani threads are so nice!

  3. First I have been stitchin just not on this. The goat cart was a steal for $10! The quilt will be great once it has a little TLC well maybe a good bath too. Now for the sewing machine. Lucky girl! that little baby is SWEET!

  4. I have been looking at the white color Featherweights on E-Bay for a while. I just haven't had money to pop for one. And lucky you gets one at a yard sale. The belts are easy to find and replace.

  5. Looking good, Elaine - thumbs up to the red wine, it goes with anything, lol! You got some fabulous deals - that SS quilt is seriously amazing - I hope it cleans up well. Jackpot is absolutely the Featherweight - someday I will find one!