Thursday, October 14, 2010

My progress

I am using Valdani perle cotton...don't you love the red?

Now I am just getting plain goofy with my stitches, and love it. I like to try different colors and textures. I also enjoy doing the plain stitches, like fill ins. See that little red moon on the right? Enlarge the pic and check out what I did on it using the red perle cotton. I see I still have room for some beads or maybe French knots...omg, I love doing those. I taught myself how to do them and enjoy the added dimension you get when you use them.
So how is your stitchery doing? I am looking for the appropriate hanging "item" to use to hang in my sewing room. How are you going to display yours?


  1. This is turning out great! You are right about all the different stitches you can add to these. Could be a stitch sampler!

  2. I'm so glad you have shown some of your stitching... I have been doing only blanket stitch in black! so I should venture out with some others..... here goes...

  3. Gorgeous - your stitching is wonderful!