Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm joining up since I really need this!

I went to Carla's blog and saw this cute little button, yeah I know, I'm always the last one on board, lol. She is finishing an item a week for Christmas and showing pics...if you haven't been to her house, ya gotta run over and check out her mother in law's Christmas present! Very cool stuff. This is so what I need so I am not typically running full blast on the 23rd of December trying to finish 6 gifts in KNOW what I am talking about! So I am jumping in. With all the grandchildren, and great grands (this is so can I be a great grandmother?) I need all the challenge I can get!          
This crib size quilt is for one of my new grand daughters. It's a d9p, using 5" charm squares, gleaned from various scrap packs of mostly Christmas fabrics, that I bought from my fellow etsy sellers. I added a 1.5" border and 3" outer border of fadey (is this a word?) red and white stripe. I used green #8 perle cotton and a big stitch, to outline stitch a string of Christmas bulbs on the stripe fabric. It reallyt didn't turn out as I had hoped, the big stitch, so no close ups on this baby! The baby will love it, so I do to! I have another cut out and ready to sew, almost the same, except I am using a fadey (non-word again!) green stripe on the outside border. This little quilt was done @ 2 weeks ago, but I procrastinate! Oops, almost forgot, I did straight line stitch of 3 rows, by machine, on the white inner border and a nearly stitch in the ditch for the rest of the inner quilt. The next one, I promise to show a close up!

The Red, White and Blue quilt top that I made in my oh my God, this was horrid tutorial little quilt along, is going to be pinned and quilted and sent off to wrap a wee one in, either in the Gulf  or to a Mountain baby. I will show a pic next week, after I quilt it. (There are so many people devestated in our Gulf, that will never recover....I'll save THAT for another post.)
The Christmas present I finished this week is my version of the Lucy Tote!  It actually started it's life as a possible diaper bag, but the recipient said it was way to big for a diaper now, it's just a tote. The new recipient will love it, but I can't say who it's for since she might read my blog! I machine quilted this one too. It is huge, lol. 15" high x 19" wide x 5" depth....and that's not including the handles. I used 100% cotton batt and a piece of Timtex in the bottom to retain it's shape. No pattern, I winged it! Aren't ya proud of me Ms.Lottie?  I guess this just goes to show ya I quilt like my grandma cooked...just a bit much!
 It has 2 pockets on each side, lined with the red and white polka dots in the inside and quilted in a grid pattern.

I found a "new" pattern on The Quilt Forum, like I NEED a new pattern? Maybe for next week? Check it out...have you seen this before? I love it...the disappearing 4 patch!
 Back to my sewing, Elaine



  1. Will check out Carl's blog later as I am off to my DD1 for dinner. I don't need to join another challenge as I am in a Chrissy one. But I'll look. LOL
    Love your quilts and bag.
    Yeh!! I am going to be a great gran in Nov.

  2. Went and looked at that pattern - how simple but effective! And that's one big tote, very cool!

  3. You've been busy - love that quilt!!!! I love the fadey stripe, and if it's not a word it should be. What the heck, it's on the internet now, so it's an official word. Love the nice big tote too!

  4. What a busy little bugger you are !!!

  5. I think your quilt came out great, it looks cuddly and happy. The tote's pretty nice as well.

  6. I really like that quilt. Great fabrics! and what a great bag too.