Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Borders can be fun, or we're on the homestretch!

Well, it looks like my photoshop is working like my ex-husband, only when it feels like it and unacceptable to my needs!  
Here are your sashing strips...from last night. At least you can see how they are supposed to be like.

Inside border:

Attach one 2 ½” wide strip to each side, press well. Now attach the remaining 2 ½” wide strips to the top and bottom.  Please note: the inner border is to be sewn to each side first before the top and bottom strips are added.

Outside border:

Sew 3 of the 5” outer border strips end to end and set aside. Sew a 5” wide border to top and bottom. Now take the remaining super long strip and sew to side of your top, trim. Sew the remaining strip to the opposite side, press well.

Layer with batting and the backing, baste and quilt as desired.

Please remember to press well after each time at your sewing machine and clip stray threads. Measure your top thru the center from side to side and top to bottom for an accurate measurement for the backing. Your batting and backing need to be @ 4" larger all the way around your quilt top.  To make your life easier, you can use 2 ½” wide strips throughout the entire quilt, all except for the outer borders of 5” wide.

For the hand sewing enthusiasts:

Add your borders the same as you have done the sashing strips. Make sure the marks on your border strips are 1/4" in from the don't forget to cut the border strips 1/2" wider then for the machine sewn quilt top!

Sign your quilt before you gift it. I will make sure photo shop is working well next time, I promise! Thanks for hanging out with me and if you have pics, please send them to me so I can post them. Any questions.....Elaine

This quilt is my original design. You may make as many as you like, but, if you sell any, could you please do me a favor....? For every 3 quilts you sell, please make a Mountain Baby quilt to send to the The Christian Appalacian project? I know the mamas would love it, and so would I.~~ Thanks~~


  1. Darling!!! And what a sweet thing to ask if people want to sell them....I love it.

  2. Looking good Elaine! You're so funny, I was cracking up at your first sentence, lol.

  3. Hi Elaine,
    I have missed you and now that I am back, I see you have been very busy ... very busy! I roared reading your dog story! Made me think of our long gone Old English Sheepdog, Jackie ... she didn't chew but she was a very unique character that provided us with many stories to tell.
    I did not have any desire for the Accuquilt-GO, but after reading your accounting of this new machine ... I am drooling ... how much is it? How come you do not list Riley Blake fabrics on Etsy? Or did I miss them ... sometimes I am blind ... What is the name of your brick and mortar store?
    It is very late here ... at least for me as I have to work tomorrow. Will be back visiting regular again... Hugs and cheers