Friday, July 23, 2010

What I saw this week, or, why I haven't been blogging

Some garage sale finds along with big daddies tools and some clay pots from the thrift store.

This is an awesome a group of "stuff", along with another old chair....needs a little paint!

                                     The porch swing is a $20. craigs list find.

The pile of weirdness, on the porch, is a complete mule harness set. Big daddy was thrilled to purchase this....SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS LIKE THAT BOLT OF FABRIC YOU HAVE TO HAVE AND DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHY!!! Ahh, we don't have mules, lol! But it was a helluva buy!!
The black chair, behind the sweet basil plant, was the other item from the garage sale, the 2 chairs, mule harnesses and some other "stuff", was all for $5.00 total! Yeah, I was amazed too.

In the late afternoons, the bantams pop up on the porch and make themselves at home! I will spy them on the rocking chairs and plants and they will be peeking in the window watching me, lol. Oh, why didn't I KNOW that bantams do as they want! You cannot cage them, they are the free spirit of the chicken world and I love them!

Gracie Mae loves going with me everywhere, especially if she thinks I am heading out to the front yard. The big chickens chase her but I think she thinks she can one up the bantams....NOT! Here is Trooper squaring off with her, while the others look on. Way to funny. I know the pic is blurry, but it is the only pic I took of Chihuahua and chicken facing off! Sometimes you just have to squint, sorry.

This is the end Gracie, run!

"I run this yard, see....yeah, it's me and my chicks...."

I have wanted to share something really cool! We have horses, dogs and chickens. Every once in awhile, our grocery store culls out the over ripe or imperfect fruits and veggies, stuffs as much as they can in a bag for a buck. This week I bought bananas, another bag with 2 pineapples, 2 cantalopes and one stuffed with peaches! Each bag for a buck, way cool! Last time I cut the bananas up and dried them for our horses and some for me! The peaches made 6 finished cups of peach freezer jam and a ton of peels and over ripe fruit for the chickens. I cut the cantalope up with the seeds, peels and over ripe areas for the chickens and horses. Same with the pineapple. Do you ever buy anything like this...or is it available in your area?

I have been busy cutting fabric for my etsy store. I'm getting over fanatical with my Accuquilt-Go cutter! 

I have been trying to decide what to do with my shop inventory that is "not" the latest line. You know, that fabric you NEVER give a second glance to? So, I have been busy making 2 1/2" rolls of fabrics in yellows, oranges, blues, reds, etc. Love them to pieces! I think I need to do some I spy pieces...what is better, 5" squares or 10" squares? Do you like color families or groups of fabrics that go well together? I hope to see what you ladies think!
Now, back to my little shop, let me know your thoughts on the fabs, k? Now, go quilt something!


  1. Been wondering what you were up to. Now I know - watching chihuahuas getting the bums rush! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, you made my day.

    I like 6 1/2 inch squares (just to be different). I think because they are a derivitive of twelve so can work into a 12 inch block if needbe. But 10 inch squares are good for cutting different shapes out of, and if you have novelty fabrics, sometimes you need to fussy cut to get the best piece.

  2. I like the charm packs and also packs of fabrics what go with each other. But then I like to have them colour coded as well :) So all different things for me.

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  4. Hi Elaine! I want to thank you for keeping me laughing ... your jokes and now the chickens!! Love it !! I like color coordinated stuff ... not necessarily matching cuz I think contrasts go-together. I am now addicted to Disappearing 9-patch using 10"sqs or charm packs ... it has helped me to view color differently. It is so random how it goes together, so colors are jumbled and not always what I would choose ... but it works. Mt addiction is your fault bec you introduced me to the pattern and the charm packs & 10" packs Thank you very much! Love ya Joanne

  5. OK, Elaine, I am game .... what is this new pattern you have to get me hooked on? Tell me please .... :-)