Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Adding the sashing

Due to circumstances beyond my control, my photo shop is not working tonight...could be my slandering it, who knows. I am going to cry later. If anyone has any questions about the quilt along, please ask. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused~~
Be sure to measure the block BEFORE cutting the strips into the sub-cuts! If you have decided to go with the 2 1/2" wide strips for the blocks, the sashing will be smaller. Don't forget to press well after each step.

Adding the sashing by machine:
Cut the red and white stripe into 8 strips 9 ¼” x 2 ½”, attach to an edge of one block. Sew opposite side to another block. Attach another red/white stripe strip to finished block, and attach another block. You should now have 3 blocks separated by 2 of the strips. Repeat with remaining blocks to form 4 rows of 3 blocks each.

Take one of the remaining red and white stripe strips and attach to the side of one row of the blocks, press well, attach another 3 block section to the same red and white stripe. Repeat for the next 2 rows of three block sections.

For you handpiecers: Do a backstitch every inch or so when handpiecing to keep your patches anchored, and also prior to and after a seam.

After your blocks are complete and pressed, subcut the sashing strips (always add 1/2" to the width of the strip, and mark the 1/4" seam allowance...the same mark you will sew on) the exact length of your block. Pin on the beginning 1/4" mark and on the ending, pin every few inches to keep the sashing strip and block well aligned. Refer to the prior post about sewing THRU the seams and not over them.
Attach a 2nd block to the opposite side of the strip, press. Sew a 2nd strip to the second block, as before, press, attach the 3rd block.

Repeat to make 4 units of 3 each. Measure each unit and cut a sashing strip to the side of the 3 block unit, press. Sew a 2nd three block unit to the opposite side of the strip. Continue until all of the 4 of the three block units have sashing strips in between, see picture.

Tomorrow we get to add the inner border, wahoo~~~some fun is acoming!

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