Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Newly posted on my Etsy shop

Have you tried out the SideWinder yet? They came out a few years ago and I am shamelessly ga-ga over mine. I have sold out all but one white one, like the bottom pic, but now have a few of the pink ones. Ok, fine, more then a few, he,he,he!

One of my biggest pet peeves is stopping my rhythm in sewing and re-winding my bobbin. So I did what any rational quilter would do...went out and bought @ 3 dozen bobbins for my little featherweight and had my dh make me a spool holder for a huge spool of thread....manic laughing ensues here....and loaded those bad little bobbins. Now I am happy! Check em out...,Elaine


  1. I have one! At the time, I thought it was a totally frivolous purchase, but boy do I ever use it!!! =-) It is SO nice to not be interrupted by having to make up a bobbin in the middle of sewing on my quilt, but to simply turn to this sweet little machine and whip one up in a few skinny seconds. =-)
    I love it! (Wish mine was pink, though...)

  2. Hi Elaine, Thanks for the recipe! Someone in my family usually makes a trip to Abilene every other month or so; I'll check the Kroger there. We only have Brookshires. And woohoo for the Sidewinder! I bought one a while back; the rubber wheel on the bobbin winder is the only thing wrong with my Granny's old sewing machine.