Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Felted Wool Applique Tutorial

I love the tutorials that I have found on blogger. Just when I think I know the "best" way to do something...there is a better way.

I love felted wool applique. I first viewed one in a popular quilting catalog and nearly died when I saw the price...omg, for real...$75. big ones! I am a big cheapskate and had to find a cheaper way to do it. I bought a ton of wool clothing, blankets and other "stuff", brought it home and felted myself.

I checked out the library and online for the history behind felted wool. I am not going to infringe on anyones' toes here and since I never wrote those authors names down, check for yourself on google or other friendly sites. It was a few years ago and now I can't remember, darn it. Anyway, take the seams out, remove the buttons (and add to your button jar) wash in hot water, rinse in cold and dry in a super hot dryer. Remove lint often or you'll have a problem. (I am a lint saver...I stuff the pin cushions with it!) Press the wool with a hot steam iron and get ready to sew!

I draw on the dull side of freezer paper with a pen, rough cut out and press on the side you WANT to be side seen. Cut out on the lines.

Arrange it on the background and staple in place. Stapling is cool. No pins to catch on your floss! After stitching down with floss, remove the staples. Wool is forgiving and a natural fiber. It goes back into place easily.

If you have dogs (like I do) and get hair or lint on your piece, use the new pledge lint remover or the paper rolled lint remover.

You can wash these but probably won't. If it gets nasty from too much lint or fibers, you can vacuum it.

My sIL doesn't sew or quilt but did make herself a pincushion using one of my kits and loved it. I will post some on my etsy shop tomorrow.

Any questions???

Wait until you see what I did to make the pennies for penny rugs...way to much fun!

Have a great week, Elaine

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  1. That's pretty good of you to show how to do this. Who would have thought of staples! Now I want to see the penny rugs.