Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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Now that I have high speed to play with....I am out of control! Not much, but for me, well lets say I am.

I put some blankies up for the baby carseats or carriers. My friend dreaminbohemian.com, aka adrienne, inspired me to get creative. Speaking of creative, you really need to check out her website! I have NEVER met anyone who just be artistic without a thought. At least that is how I perceive her to be. I like to think she pulls her abilities out of her sleeve. I only wish I could do what she does. Have a good one...off to hunt down a decent machine that lowers it's feeddogs, just like the quilting diva on oldredbarn. I love this project she is working on. Anyone have any thoughts on a machine?

I love to applique by hand...so applique by machine is a waste.
Embroidery by hand, ditto...embroidery by machine waste also.
Lower feeddogs...yeppers!
Start dinner...lol!

Any what...any suggestions out there? Would love to hear them. Thanks, Elaine

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