Friday, June 26, 2009

The baby quilt

My daughter called me 3 1/2 years ago and informed me she was having a baby boy, wow, her first baby. Needless to say, this mawmaw was very excited!

I poured over books, magazines and patterns and just couldn't find the right pattern. So I started cutting up fabric and began sewing by hand. I enjoyed the entire process, very relaxing and fullfilling.

Since he was born in July...he had to have a patriotic quilt. Pieced, quilted and then started on the binding. I was so proud...key word here, WAS.

The phone rang and I laid it (masterpiece quilt, lol) and came back to find a soggy hole near the side of the quilt. Geeze, I had only 20" to go to finish the entire quilt.

My son's dog, Kuma, was very happy to share his remodeling skills to grammy by chewing a hole large enough for a grapefruit to fall through. Omg, this dog is Weird, now what to do.

I cut a patch for the front shaped like a bone, wrote a few lines on it and appliqued it on. For the back I choose another patch, this time a round one, wrote a few lines and appliqued it on.

After little angel was born I told my daughter...she laughed and said she didn't know, just thought I was being my ecentric self.

Oh...and Kuma...I told him he was evil, he licked my hand and went about his dog business.

What have you done to disguise a problem? Just wondering...Elaine


  1. This is a WONDERFUL fix! I love the "tested and approved" touch! Dogs are surprising sometimes, arent' they.

  2. Thanks Kristi, my daughter loved the touch as well. She thought it meant that the dog enjoyed laying on it, lol!

  3. Now THAT's creative problem solving!

  4. lol, thanks Cheryl. My dh was surprised I didn't get upset. But you know, it's just fabric. I could be wrong, nah, it's just fabric!