Thursday, April 2, 2009

My name says it all!

I received a few emails asking about the soggy bottom of the blog. Have you ever been to East Texas? lol.

We live less then 500 feet above sea level. We also have a rainfall average of 43.68 inches of rain a year. We have lived here long enough to know a few truths about Texas.

1. When you see someone at wally world buying a lawn sprinkler, you laugh and KNOW they ain't from around here!

2, You never wear socks and rubber shoes at the same time...EVER!

3. Should your shoe sink in the barnyard, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE SAID SHOE WHILE STANDING. The barnyard is chemically similar to gorilla glue, you land on your butt in aforementioned gorilla glue/barnyard soup and become one with the glop, hence soggy husband added the flats, don't know why.

A few pics of Jenny the guard burro, Dakota the gorgeous paint, little Black Beauty and Billy the Kid.

Stay dry and warm, Elaine~~~this was the rain from last Friday~~~


  1. thanks for visiting my blog recently :) I wonder how far apart we are? I'm in Orange.. which is SE Texas - off of I-10 before the LA state line...

    and I don't live on a farm but I sat here and shook my head yes to reading your post... we have a very wet area too. and the think St. Augstine grass "squishes" when you walk in it... even if it hasn't rained in 24 hours. :/

    Can't wait to take a look at your blog give away and see what is required of me to do to enter ;)

    Hope you had a Happy Weekend!
    Love from Orange ~bonnie

  2. Thanks for the lovely post... made me smile..:o)
    Have a great day!

  3. what a fun post!! i loved reading about where you live. it is amazing how different each place really is.

  4. perhaps the 'flats' is because you are 'flats' on your bottom if you try to get your foot out of the mud....hehe!