Friday, April 3, 2009

Moda goodies have arrived!

What goes with oreos and milk? ANYTHING!!! I have received this box of goodies, including Arcadia and Patisserie layer cakes, Moda basics jelly rolls in sugar,milk, and oreos. Tranquility charms, jelly rolls and layer cakes have also arrived.

I have to unpack the 3 cases behind these goodies and start grouping some sale fabrics for etsy...hopefully I will get this all done before the other 3 cases of goodies arrive.

I wanted to thank everyone collectively for the wonderful comments they are leaving. I am sooooo busy I can't even seem to do any quilting right now...wahhhhh!

Don't let me kid you, I am having fun with my fabrics. I hope everyone is having a great some quilting...Elaine
Perhaps I should take a class or two on photos, eh? lol, sorry about the quality, maybe I should retake a few tomorrow in a better light...that's what happens when you get excited to see the ups man with your packages!


  1. Elaine, what a great box of excellent Moda fabrics. I am sure your head is spinning looking at all the lovely fat quarters and jellie rolls.
    I hope you have a great weekend and have time to do some quilting.

  2. Oh my much loveliness.. wish they were in my house!!!LOL...
    Good luck with the unpacking... :o)

  3. Hi! I just found your blog (through your comment at Nap Time News). It looks like we follow a lot of the same blogs (isn't it funny how small the online quilting community, really is??). Just thought I would introduce myself! Stop on over if you'd like! I'm going to add you to my reader!

  4. I've not seen in person these fabrics you are talking about as my LQS is not so local - about a 30 min. drive... and b/c I'm a mom of 3 little ones.. well I don't make it over but a few times each year - but I do know I la,la,love MODA ;) who ever the lucky one to win your giveawy is - will be so happy ;)

    Thanks for the generous give-away gifty :)

    Love from Orange! ~bonnie