Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone

We all had a great day and feel grateful to be able to spend it together. I hope you all had a beautiful day.

I hope you like my little pink Easter egg girl, my sweet little grand dog Jami..

I love holidays. I love my family. I also love it when we get to share holidays with each other. The heavens opened up and spilt over here in east Texas. After Mass this morning my son and his lovely wife came to share our day for fellowship and food.

My dil is the sweetest thing born (after nearly 4 years of marriage to my son she continues to keep him on his pedestal, lol) but doesn't sew. I was thrilled to find out her mother makes EVERYTHING without the benefit of a sewing machine. She made my son a to-die-for kilt for his wedding. The piper wanted to know where he got it because it was so much nicer then his. And it was. She also knits, paints and I don't know what else.

The kids came over yesterday and I snagged the dil to head out to the dollar store so I could get some dish towels, came home and showed her site to show her the towel dresses. She was crazy about them and had to make some. She didn't know how to sew by hand and is a leftie. So I had her sit in front of me to learn how to attach the bias to the neck. She enjoyed making the towel dress and was eager to make more...omg, are we sensing the quilt bug making it's way into her soul? We can only hope!

Sticky chocolate bunny hugs, Elaine

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  1. how cute is that oven dress! she did a great job!we dont have cute towels like that my dollar store (harumpt)