Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Huge Moda giveaway!

My Moda salesman came today...good thing my husband, the one who will not have a sense of humor when the UPS guy starts coming on Friday...wait until you see what fun things I am getting in!

Now, the really good news for you guys. HUGE HUGE HUGE SALE!!!

I am going to need some room to put all of this fabric. But where am I going to put all the new sweets from Moda Bake Shop? Oh my goodness...a giveaway! Wahoooooo!!!

Starting tomorrow, or today, if you leave a comment and answer some questions, you will be entered in the giveaway. You won't be disappointed.

#1 Where do you hide your lastest purchase so you won't have to "splain that one Lucy?"

#2 What is your favorite color and why?

#3 What excuse do you use to not keep that really cool quilt you just made?

#4 Last one, I promise. What is the worst experience you have ever had giving a quilt as a gift, and did you get to keep the best of the litter?

I am not going to divulge the prize yet...but it will be fun!

See you tomorrow for some more teasers...Elaine


  1. 1.I am an out there purchaser. Everyone knows I'm happier when I
    get more fabric.
    2. My favoite color is periwinkle blue. It goes with everything.
    I would say it is a good neutral. It goes with red, green, pink,brown,
    cheddar,purple, any color goes with periwinkle blue. My second favorite is peacock blue.
    3.Not keeping a cool quilt. . . It's about the process not the product.
    4.I gave a mini away to someone that didn't believe it was a quilt because it was a mini.

  2. What fun!
    #1. I hide new stash in the laundry room..Nobody and I do mean nobody ever goes in there except me.
    #2. Teal greens or teal blues. I can't get enough of those and I probably have 4 time as many of those shades as any other color.
    #3. I can't afford to purchase a gift because I spend all my extra money on fabric, so that fabric eventually becomes the gift you see? Makes sense to me.
    #4. I gave a beautiful hand appliqued, hand quilted quilt to an aunt who promptly put it in a closet and never brought it out again, never used it, never put it on display, saying, stating she wanted to preserve it forever and didn't want to wear it out. She's 80 years old............

  3. 1)Thankfully I don't have to hide my purchases becuase my husband is stationed in Alaska and the children and I live in Louisiana.

    2)I love the color bluel,all shades with navy being my favorite. I have always been drawn to that color, even as a child.

    3) When I have a really cool quilt, I will find some flaw to justify me not keeping it. Like, I should have made it with stripes instead of flowers. Something crazy like that.

    4) I haven't had any bad experiences as of yet. Quilting is my newest love and the people I give to are just happy getting something I made for them myself.

    ~Tootles for now!

  4. #1 I do not hide my purchases! Hubby understands hobbies and anyway I do not answer to him- we are equals.

    #2 Blue and green. They remind me of the ocean. I love the ocean!

    #3 Well, it's usually a gift, so if I keep it then I have to go gift shopping. And I hate shopping (except for fabric!)

    #4 I made a beautiful baby quilt for friends, and they don't use it! They hang it on the wall- pieced side to the wall so it "doesn't fade"! ACK! I want my quilts to be used, darn it!

  5. #1 I just get what I need to hide........not that he looks or cares about the stash.........

    #2 What is your favorite color and why? Blue......just love it.......

    #3 What excuse do you use to not keep that really cool quilt you just made? No excuses needed as they go to our house or family........

    #4 Last one, I promise. What is the worst experience you have ever had giving a quilt as a gift, and did you get to keep the best of the litter? I haven't had a bad experience giving a quilt away and I do have some of my favourites.........

  6. #1. I don't have to hide my fabric, my husband is a fishing addict and spends way more on his hobby than I do, so he even encourages me!
    #2. It changes; used to be purple, then blue, now a combination of the two, or better known as periwinkle.
    #3. The joy I have is in making them; it is usually easy to give them away; just need an occassion.
    #4. There have been occassions when the recipient didn't seem as thrilled about the quilt as I was; maybe they didn't like the color choices I used, or just couldn't appreciate a hand made quilt. I don't let it bother me, I figure some day they may come to appreciate it.

  7. #1 Where do you hide your lastest purchase so you won't have to "splain that one Lucy?"
    Ha... I live alone and only have to "splain" to myself. Hiding it doesn't help me a bit!

    #2 What is your favorite color and why?
    I have always been a blue fanatic. My favorite blue leans just slightly toward the green side. (think "Caribbean seas")

    #3 What excuse do you use to not keep that really cool quilt you just made?

    Hey, I made it for me and I am KEEPING it (see my blog post )

    #4 Last one, I promise. What is the worst experience you have ever had giving a quilt as a gift, and did you get to keep the best of the litter?

    I have never had a bad experience - of course I have only made three completed quilts and the two I gave are much loved.

  8. 1.I do not hide my fabric, sometimes I just do not show all my new fabrics and then put it under my bed in a plastic box.
    2.My favorite color is blue. Just love the blue sky and blue ocean. I am very shy and patient...they say that is the personalities of a blue person. I agree to that.
    3.I love the fabric and they do not sell the specific line of fabric any more. Then I will try my best to make another quilt. Good excuse to buy new fabric.
    4. I have never had a bad experience over here...well not that I know of.

  9. #1 I don't hide my new purchases. usually. :)

    #2 my favorite color is orange because it's so bright and cheery.

    #3 my quilt cupboard is nearly full, so it's time for me to give more away.

    #4 once i gave my friends' girls was a quilt and one was a purse. the purse was a huge hit. the quilt was nearly overlooked. i was crushed.

  10. What a fun giveaway you have... I just need to enter..;o)

    #1 Ohh...this one is tricky..;o)I do have a lot of fabric in my if I put it there..he never notice... I run fast to the mailbox and hurries to get them to blend in with the other buddies in the

    #2 My one time favourite is PINK... it makes me happy ...and I am a SPRING girl.. so I just love all the soft palette from there...

    #3 Hmmm... Dont think I have struggled with this problem... If I make a quilt for me.. I do it for me...just for me...but often I have the intension of keeping it...and end up giving it away..:o)

    #4 Think I have been lucky so far... at least Im happy not knowing of it then..:o)

    Thanks for having a fun little giveaway!!
    Take care...

  11. 1)In my sewing room closet.

    2)Rosey Pink - makes me feel qirly.

    3)There is always another quilt to make, in fact I usually have several in process and I can't wait to finish the next one.

    4)So far no problems giving quilts away but I make them to be loved to death (then I can make another) and I don't worry about them when I give them away.

    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  12. oh, what a great giveaway!! thanks!! :)

    1- I'm like Stina, and the moment it arrives it is on the shelf, mixed in with the others. Every once in awhile my husband will notice that my stash has gotten quite a bit bigger. :)

    2- Red has been a favorite for quite some time. Just love the color!!

    3- I'm new to quilting so really haven't had to have an excuse to not keep one. I still have a list I'm doing for the kiddos, and then I can give more away, other than swaps. I LOVE swaps! :)

    4- I haven't had a bad experience yet with the 2 I've given. It feels great to know that something I made and spent many hours on is soo much appreciated. :)

    Thanks so much for the chance!!

  13. YOur giveaway is much more fun then mine! These questions are super! ;)

    #1 Where do you hide your lastest purchase so you won't have to "splain that one Lucy?"

    #2 What is your favorite color and why?

    #3 What excuse do you use to not keep that really cool quilt you just made?

    #4 Last one, I promise. What is the worst experience you have ever had giving a quilt as a gift, and did you get to keep the best of the litter?


    1.Don't have to hide things from anyone, happily untethered!
    2. I don't have a favorite color group, but rather specific colors....Robins Egg Blue; Chatruese; Longjohn Red; Taupe
    3. No excuse...someone wants it..they get it..they're happy...then I am happy.
    4. Made a baby quilt with nice Minkee backing and you know how it is when you give handmade to people who don't get it. A trifle disappointing but not unexpected.

    Thanks for opportunity to win some cool stuff!!

  15. l. Don't have to hide it, husband likes very expensive guitars so I'm good.
    2. Favourite colour is green, don't know why just always has been.
    3. I always feel soo good giving the quilt away, it's like that's what they are made for.
    4. No bad experiences and I am finally working on a quilt for myself after all these years - and I PROMISE I will keep it.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  16. Weeeeelllllllllll....
    1. I don't hide my latest purchases...I'm too excited about them! I show my 14yodd, and my husband is really just not interested. he's just happy I'm happy and occupied.
    2. Pink and white together...I love shabby chic!
    3.There is always someone who could use a quilt to cheer them up. ;-)
    4. No bad experiences thus far...I try to make them to suit the recipient. BUT I made a huge blunder with one of my own! ONE fabric piece bled red when it was washed and turned all the beautiful mint fabrics a dreadful grey. :-(

    Thanks for the chance to enter, Elaine!!

  17. #1
    oh that is easy right now.. At a friends house. not so easy in a couple of months though ..moving to the big state of Tenn.

    #2 I not have a "favorite" color. If I had to pick I guess it would be blue. but I like all colors.

    #3 What excuse do you use to not keep that really cool quilt you just made? I sold it and the new owner really wants it.

    #4 not giving it away and making another one for the person.
    best of the litter? as in animals ... always get the runt.

  18. Ooohhh, I love fabric giveaways!! Ok, here are my answers:
    ~ I don't technically "hide" my purchases, but my husband travels often for work. I usually plan my shopping trips around his schedule :)
    ~ My favorite colors right now are pink & green (and if they are used together, even better!!)
    ~ When I'm making gift quilts I *try* to make them in colors that aren't exactly "my colors"...then I'm not tempted to keep them and I get to keep my favorite fabrics for myself!! (I'm so bad, I know)
    ~ I haven't really had a bad experience giving a quilt as a gift. We have some friends that I made a baby quilt for when they had their first child. To this day they call it a "blanket" and that just annoys me! But if that's the worst of it, I guess that's ok :)

    Thanks for such a fun giveaway!!

  19. 1: I hide my purchases in the trunk of my car

    2: Favorite color: Green, I think because it reminds me of the outdoors and SUMMER

    3: I have to make excuses to KEEP THE QUILTS, Hubby always thinks I should give them away (We have quilts all over the house now)

    4: I gave Hubbys Aunt (Who is a 100% HAND SEWER) a little wall hanging (Block Party Quilters Sayings) that I made, well I put the panel together with some borders and quilted it, Gave it to her for Christmas and she didn't believe I made it, she thought it was done too well. :( What is up with that???

    And I have to tell you, this is the first time I have seen your blog and we have alot in common, we have horses too, I embroider, do wool applique, and actually dye my own wool. :) Nice to meet you. OH YEA, I WOULD LOVE TO MOVE SOUTH TO AVOID WINTER, especially since we live in Wisconsin and it is April 5th today and we are expecting 6"-8" of snow. All our Girls are grown up too, not quite gone but grown up.

  20. #1 my hiding spot is the laundry room. Only my 4 year old goes in there besides me - it's her pretend veternarian's office. I prewash so that's the first place my fabric goes before heading upstiars to the sewing room - and like someone else mentioned... my husband NEVER goes in there.

    #2 favorite color? that is a hard one.. red is my favorite color to wear.. but for quilting I mostly like everything... lately I've taken a new likeing to earthy tones and autumn colors ;)

    #3 right now I have more in the works than finished so I guess you could say I'm keeping them all...LOL Did I mention I have 3 kids - a 4 year old and soon to be 2 year old twins.. I'm a slow finisher. LOL

    #4 I've had several heart breaks in quilt giving.. most often the thing that breaks my heart is when I don't get a simple thank you or acknowledgement of them receiving it - I know no one writes TY notes these days, but will all the free long distance on cell phones these days, you'd think I could at least get a phone call letting me know they got it... therefore, quitl related or not, now I get a delivery confirmation on all packages I mail. sad but true. I don't know what is wrong with people!

    Love from Orange! ~bonnie

  21. What a fun give-away! Please sign me up!

    #1 Where do you hide your lastest purchase so you won't have to "splain that one Lucy?"

    I don't have to hide my purchases. Hubby usually talks me into buying more than I normally would on my own.

    #2 What is your favorite color and why?

    The blues of the oceans. Being on the beach is the most relaxing place and cuddling up in a quilt made from these colors is just as relaxing!

    #3 What excuse do you use to not keep that really cool quilt you just made?

    I don't use excuses to give my quilts away. When I decide to give a quilt to someone I usually wind up telling them that I am making them a quilt so they are expecting it to come to them when it is finished.

    #4 Last one, I promise. What is the worst experience you have ever had giving a quilt as a gift, and did you get to keep the best of the litter?

    I made 11 nieces and nephews quilts for Christmas in 2007. I asked 2 of my hubbys nieces if they were still enjoying their quilts this past Christmas and they looked at me dumbfounded. Their mom quickly offered up that they did like them but I knew in my heart that they had no clue as to what I was talking about! I bet they had never used them! Needless to say...They will never get another one!

  22. #1 - I have been carefully re-shuffling my stash so my new fabric is not noticeable. Most recently, I moved a giant bin of scraps into plastic bags to the basement so I could put my new fabric in its place. So far no one has noticed!

    #2 What is your favorite color and why?
    Purple. When I was a kid, my mom gave my sister everything pink and me everything purple to distinguish whose was whose. The habit stuck, I guess and I always refer to purple as my favorite. What's funny is that I have two girls and one has declared pink to be her favorite, and the younger one (not yet two) has decided that purple is hers!

    #3 so and so really would enjoy this much more than I would. Her house is so much cleaner and more beautiful. Mine would just get ruined by dirty kids' hands.

    #4 I'm still pretty new to quilting so I've not given too many quilts as gifts. I did make one little lap quilt for a friend of mine and it didn't come out quite as I planned. It was lumpy and bumpy and nothing was quite smooth and the binding stitches were horribly obvious. My friend was very gracious about it, and said it was beautiful, but I still felt bad giving a crappy gift. Especially since I used such beautiful fabrics (Shangri-La by 3 Sisters for Moda)and it was supposed to be so easy and nice.

  23. 1. I never hide fabric. I work in a fabric store and hubby knows I will buy something everyday (almost). I guess you might say I just hide it in plain sight...I have so much who would notice a few more pieces?
    2.I don't have a favorite color. Right now I do seem to be buying lots of orange. There must be a quilt forming in the back of my brain that I haven't envisioned yet!
    3. Someone else needs it more than I do. Be it a person who needs something to comfort them in a stressful time or a raffle for Scottie Rescue.I tell myself I can always make another one but I never have made two exactly alike!
    4.Only "bad" experience when giving a quilt was when I hadn't finished sewing the binding down. (How I forgot I don't know!)Did take it back and finished it.

  24. oh! i love modas!

    #1 luckily for me, i don't have to hide any of my purchases :) my boyfriend is ok with whatever i buy. i've taught him it's ok to spoil yourself as often as you want and now, he does it too! lol!

    #2 blues, they're tranquil and i've just always loved them.

    #3 if i feel like someone will really love it, it makes me happy to give it to them.

    #4 of course it's when you give something to someone and they don't use it!! i made one for my best friend and she hung it on her wall... great! =/ lol

  25. 1. I don't have to hid my fabric it hides itself in the huge stash in my sewing room. Dh never even realizes something new has taken up living space.

    2.I don't really have a favorite color because I love them all. Well, except maybe yellow. It really isn't a color I use.

    3. I already have too many and someone else could would love it.

    4. I gave a quilt to my inlaws last year for Christmas. These are not nice people so it was hard for me to let it go.

  26. 1) I don't really need to hide my purchases..I make so few...REALLY...and then they go directly to the dirty clothes pile, so that is unsuspiscious as well.
    2) I just love greens! So calming. My whole house is turning green and my kids complain about the lack of color. But I like my calm serene spaces. And lately, my calm is starting to include ocean cottage colors...a tad of blue and tan....very little, but I do like a day at the beach now and then!
    3) It's easier than running out and BUYING something! REALLY, that's why I's cheaper! Hah!
    4)Gave a quilt to a young couple for a wedding gift. I later saw the quilt wrapped around the spare tire in the trunk! I really think twice about who I give a quilt to now...saving them more for family and VERY close friends.

  27. Hi there, just found your blog. I too am computer challenged! What is your website?? I'd love to enter your giveaway.

    1. I don't need to hide my purchases. I have a very dear sweet hubby.
    2. Favorite colors are PINK and/or Blue. Can't help it, I love them both!
    3. I enjoy keeping quilts that I love. I make some gift quilts, but the ones that warm my heart, stay home with me :-)
    4. I think not hearing back from someone is the worst for me. I have been more hesitant to give quilts that I have put so much time and $$ into. Most people do not realize what a labor of love it is.


  28. #1 In a set of drawers with my socks.

    #2 Green or blue. It depends on the day. I like both because they are easy to match with.

    #3 That I have too many, or rather that I will. I haven't given too many away yet.

    #4 I haven't given that many quilts away, but I know that it would be the worst for me if the person never acknowledged the gift.

    Thanks for the great giveaway and good luck opening you new store. It sounds like a lot of work to me.

  29. fun questions
    actually I walk in the back door and it goes in a cabinet right there to be washed, so I never walk in with fabric purchases!
    Red/yellow just happy colors to me!
    If someone says they love that quilt and I really like that someone most of the time I will give them the quilt!
    Gave a quilt to my brother and my SIL used it to protect her couch from the sun and cats.
    next time I visited them I gave them an appraised value of the quilt
    for their insurance company , well needless to say that quilt is now in a cabinet to look at and not used.
    sad, I just wanted him to use the quilt and take care of it...
    What a great giveway looking foward to seeing all your moda goodies!

  30. Whata fun giveaway. I wish I had more interesting answers to your questions.
    #1 I don't hide fabric purchases - my DH really doesn't pay attention too much in my sewing room.
    #2 I can't pick just one Pink, Red and Blue because they make me happy.
    #3 If I really like it - I give it away and make another for myself to keep.
    #4 I've made a couple gifts that haven't been used but I don't sweat it too much.

  31. Love Moda! 1. I don't hide my purchases.
    2. Green - the color of my eyes.
    3. I tell myself someone else has to take care of it and I'm free to make more.
    4. I've been lucky. I only sew quilts for people who I know will appreciate them. For me, the fun is in making them.

  32. #1 Where do you hide your lastest purchase so you won't have to "splain that one Lucy?"
    what latest purchase? ohhhh that old stack of fabric....I had that FOREVER!

    #2 What is your favorite color and why?
    Blues.....reds......oranges I gotta pick just one?

    #3 What excuse do you use to not keep that really cool quilt you just made?
    I really really really need the room in the linen closet *g*

    #4 Last one, I promise. What is the worst experience you have ever had giving a quilt as a gift, and did you get to keep the best of the litter? seeing it thrown in the corner of a room and having 2 cats and a dog sleeping on it. good thing it was a tied quilt not a machine or hand quilted one! yup! I kept the best despite the 'guilt trips' I was getting from others *wicked grin*
    thanks for a great giveaway!
    (mauh) Liz

  33. Hi Elaine,
    What a great way to have a giveaway and find out a litle about people. Would love to enter, I'm at the last minute.

    #1 Since I had a shop, we had to build a seperate building for all my goods. It just slides in without being noticed. LOL

    #2 Red, yellows and kinda a bright green. Really cherry colors.

    #3 I have made quilts to give than to keep. I don't know the answer why.

    #4 I had crochet not quilted a blanket and cross stitched after I crochet UT on it. It was used as a dog blanket. Never again.

  34. #1 I don't bother hiding it - he knows better than to ask lol.

    #2 Red, its warm and cozy, its the colour of love, its fast (red cars are always faster you know!) I don't know, quite why, it just is my favourite (although I prefer a blue/red to a yellow/red)

    #3 Usually it is because I've made it as a gift and the reciever already knows its coming to I can't keep it.

    #4 I don't think I've had a bad quilt giving experience, I'm a slow quilter so I don't give many away!

  35. 1. I don't have to hide anything, because we all have expensive hobbies.

    2. My favorite colors are: Lime-green, fushia-pink and blue

    3. I only make something for other people who appreciate what I make

    4.Because I give my quilts or bags to people who appreciate them, I don't have (jet) bad giving experience

    Thank you for your give away.

  36. 1. When I bring in a purchase I duck into my sewing room quickly and add it to my stash. Cuz my other half is a quilter and he would be upset if I didn't bring him something also.

    2. My favorite is color is peach. I think it blends with everything.

    3. That's a good question - I've made so many quilts, I have none for myself. I'll have to work on that.

    4. I've made a couple of quilts for babies that people want to keep so they don't let the little one use them. When I know that, I'll make them two.

    Thanks for the giveaway. That was fun.