Saturday, March 7, 2009

~~~Glamping with my girls~~~

I just received the latest issue of Mary Janes Farm and it's flying out the door...I better grab my issue quick. If you have not seen this magazine yet you are truly missing something. When the nice lady called and asked if I would carry it in my store, the conversation went kind of like this

Lady: Would you like to carry Mary Janes Farm in your shop?
Me: Ahhh, this is a quilt shop.
Lady: Oh this is perfect for you. There are sewing items, embroidery, crafty things and an organic edge geared towards women.
Me: ok

The best decision I have EVER made! Mary Jane Butters lives in Idaho and produces organic foods. She is possibly the biggest hero I have. This month they have an article on how to make your own oilcloth table cloth, fishing lure jewelry, etc. Last issue was dedicated to honey bees.

There is a really cute article on glamping this month complete with ladies and their glampers. It has inspired me to invite my daughters to go glamping at the end of October to the Texas coast. No husbands, kids or pets. No chili, spaghetti, or processed foods.

The girls are really looking forward to this. One daughter lives in Cali the other in Wash state. Now I just have to find leopard print midi pants for all 3 of us, lol!

I love Mary Janes Farm!


  1. i'll have to check this one out! thanks for the tips.

    thanks for the nice comment on my blog! :)

  2. Hey there Elaine,
    Love your blog. It's full of alot of fun info.
    I will stay tuned.

  3. So are you heading the Farm Fair??? I would LOVE TOO but it is a tad bit too far for me, sounds like my kinda fun tho. Actually today is bread day at m house, I did her artisan breads from the Simply Bee issue and today is baking day. :)