Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What I take with me

I bought this top on ebay several years ago. I couldn't feel the love. So I bought some pre-made flower parts on ebay @6 months later. This is what I take when I am waiting for babies to be born, husband at the doctor office, long car trips.

I didn't like the huge border on this baby/lap size quilt, so I added some vines, leaves and the beginning of coneflowers. I need to add the centers of the coneflowers with some fun little french knots. I taught myself how to make french knots last year and love the look of them.
What do you take when you wait?


  1. This is a beautiful quilt, I love the colours

  2. That's beautiful - love what you're doing in the borders. Did I ever tell you my first quilt took me 20 years? I took it everywhere with me to work on. All by hand.

    Now, I take whatever stitchery project I'm working on. Or a good book. I don't do a lot of waiting.

  3. Yep, stitching for me, usually applique of one sort or another. I don't have kids to pick up from school one day a week anymore (they're at high school and bus it) so not as much waiting in the car, but now I spend more time just sitting with mum - and I sew!

  4. That applique you decided to add is just the right thing for the border of this quilt. Good for you!

  5. Beautiful. I love the floral applique border with this quilt.

    I also like to take hand applique with me, but I don't currently have a project (hymmm...maybe there IS an applique UFO or two in my stash that I should take). But I've been taking English Paper piecing projects with me.

    Have fun!


  6. A very nice piece. The addition of the flowers really brings the quilt to life.

  7. Well, first - Congratulations to Millie!
    Second, I never took a quilt with me to wait. I used to do English smocking when my kids were young and I would work on that sometimes. I also take my scetchbook, or an art book or two... I'm not carting kids around anymore, so I don't carry anything much anymore unless I'm waiting at the Dr's office or something. Can't wait til I can quit working so I'll have more time for those things I love doing...

  8. Wow, what a good idea. It's going to beautiful when your all done. I never think to bring anything to do.

  9. this is beautiful...I bet you get compliments where ever you take it.....Melinda

  10. Love the addition to the border! Very good idea!

  11. Beautiful quilt! I don't think you are excentric. Warm hugs, Esther

  12. What a great top and I can't wait to see it all finished.
    Thank you so much for the Valentine's Day the top. And the fabrics are gorgeous. I did not expect so many goodies from you. This weekend I am going to work on the pink quilt and start thinking of a pattern for the fabrics.
    Lots of smiles,