Saturday, February 6, 2010

Are you ready for the super bowl?

So, I am a lame duck...I only watch for the commercials! Then I manage to get sucked in, make snacks for big daddy and enjoy myself.
A friend sent this to me and it amazed me. It is apparently 3 years old, but so relevant, check it out. Have a great weekend, Elaine

oops, almost forgot. My friend tells me this is a 13 y/o boy who wrote, composed and sang it. Since she checks EVERYTHING on snopes, I tend to listen when she talks!


  1. Very touching song.

    And I hope you enjoy the super bowl... lol. I hear the half time entertainment is good, but we don't get it here in Oz of course.

  2. Whoa. Out of the mouths of babes indeed - what a talented young man.

  3. I am one that could easily pass on any football game, but I did go with my hubby to a Superbowl party. And I thought it was a good game (but would have preferred to have quilted). Ahh...the duties of a good wife (can't cook, can't clean, but I can be dragged to Superbowl Parties).

    This video clip was quite good. I had not seen it previously, so thanks for sharing. Good voice for the young man and a good message.