Friday, February 19, 2010

I love my kitchen now

Have you been to Rhonda's and caught any of her Kitchen sink tours? Very cool. She features kitchens from all over the world. And then....Vickie, who is my sweet neighbor, featured hers. The rest is history...
I love it this way. Oh, the strings of Christmas lights...they were there when we moved it, honest! So when was the last time you single handedly raise your dh's blood pressure?
So dh said, after removing the cupboard doors...."so, if you decide the refrigerator door has to go, call me so you don't have to yank it off," men are so weird! I have to go straighten the cups AGAIN. Lol, go quilt something!


  1. LOL. I would have never thought of hanging Christmas lights in my kitchen. Very cute. On the other hand, I have hidden Easter Eggs in my cupboards before!


  2. Love the lights on the cupboards Elaine, I have them on the open shelves at Christmas too.

  3. I do love the open shelves - pretty!

  4. Love it - now you can see what you're getting out of the cupboard!

  5. What a great idea ... Christmas lights !! There must be some place I can put some !! Your kitchen is adorable !