Saturday, March 6, 2010

Not quilt related but good to know

So if you live in the country, like I do, and the weather appears to be getting warmer, you may notice certain little creatures out and about. Ahh, skunks in particular.   They are cute little devils, soft and fluffy and move with the grace and agility of a chubby cat. They also like to do their shopping, prowling and mating during the hours of darkness. They also carry rabies.

I won't go into it but, I know for a fact the best way to remove skunky smell from fully dressed men, their boots and coats and even very hairy Chow-Chows. And it isn't tomato juice. It would be douche. The only thing it's good for, is throwing in the washing machine with clothing and even boots...yes, leather...then grab 2 bottles of the disposable bottles and bathe your dog, or yourself, and top it off with the douche. It really does work. I am sure that other brands would work but I am not about to stray from what really works!

Good times.                                 



  1. I have never seen or smelt a skunk...... gee he looks a cute little fella in that photo

  2. Sadly, I think you are speaking from experience. Hope it isn't too recent.

    Previous neighbors had a beautiful Golden Retriever, named Molly, whom they let sleep outside at night. They also fed Molly outside. So poor Molly would end up staying awake all night to guard who food (she slept during the day when she went to work with our neighbor who was a contractor). Well, my point here is poor Molly would frequently get in a fight with a skunk. And the patio she slept was quite near our master bedroom. Many a night we knew Molly wasn't having a good night.....nor a good day following. The only good part was her parents knew your insight, but still Molly would be quite embarrassed.

    Next moral of the story: Don't feed your dog outside if there are skunks in the hood!


  3. Ah geez, I wanna take Molly home with me! We had skunks living near us in Washington state, so "it" happened years ago. I went to let our dogs out last night before bed and could smell the skunk, so our doggies had to wait for another hour.

    Now, visualize this one Darlene: me, in the middle of the afternoon going into the grocery store buying 4 twin packs of douche, dh refused to go in with me. Then off to home to bathe 2 very furry Chows, empty bottles flying all over the bathroom. Before I could get back into the bathroom, after drying the dogs on the deck, one of dh's friends came by and used the bathroom. Now, can you hear the conversation.....?

  4. I wish I'd known this when my Molly-dog was alive. She had a knack for finding skunks!