Saturday, March 13, 2010

Can I honk my own horn?

I have a baby quilt, a freeform log cabin that I made, that is being featured on handmade picks sewn sunshine ! I am very excited, wahooooo! I guess you can tell. Have a great night...Elaine

oops, I forgot to tell you this is from etsy and it is in my etsy shop, lol!


  1. Well, I'm not surprised!! I had a look and I love it too....
    Well done

  2. Really girls are really intimidating sometimes!!

  3. Oh how lovely - congratulations!

  4. Congrats !! It is a very pretty quilt !! I have been away from blogspot for past couple of weeks ... cleaning out my spare room and working overtime. I see you got over your blogging funk and I had quite a bit to catch up on. The chicken sweaters were a trip! If you make them for your goats, you will have to post pix. How many goats do you have? As always your blog was an enjoyable visit for me. Thanks

  5. Hi Joanne, I can't wait to see your sewing room. It may give me inspiration to finish mine, ugh! I have 2 goats, a momma and her baby. Baby was born in Dec of 2008, her name is Krista and she is still a cutie. Her mama, Annie goat, is an antisocial pill. She tries to butt me all the time and is now doing it to my husband. He is going to try to find different housing, as in NOT HERE, for the pair. They belong in a herd with other goats. Keep in touch, Elaine