Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My quilting bee blocks finished

Wahoo, I feel like an over achiever, lol! I actually finished Jennys blocks before the end of the month, go figure, I am on time. Life is good. Jenny wrote on each of our envelopes which block to make and mine was the liberated star. I had so much of the fabric left over, added some of mine and made her 2 blocks. How fun, eh? If you don't belong to an online group, I would encourage you to try it.
There are 12 of us in The Bee Balm and each of us got to chose a different block each month. Sometimes we send fabric, sometimes we rely on our fellow crafters to provide their own. I have had a great time. Most of the quilters are much better then I am at sewing a straight line, but it's ok. The most important thing is getting to know each other and the potential to build a quilt with blocks made from all over the world. One of our group is from Austrailia and another from the Yukon.The rest of us are from the US.
So the next time someone asks for "anyone" to join  in and do something like the group I am in...don't be bashful or shy. Just hop right in and have fun.
Now, go quilt something...Elaine


  1. I totally agree, I'm soooo glad I joined this bee, I love the interaction we all have! Oh yes, cool blocks Elaine, I guess I should stop playing with my blog and sew..???

  2. Glad you are having fun and check out those cool blocks.

  3. I love those liberated stars!!!!!!! Good for you!